Sexual Enslavement of Korean Women by the u.$.


While the u.$. pursues its strategy of maximum pressure through the gangster-like sanctions regime, every year allegations of “human trafficking” are made without any substantial evidence with the sole objective of legitimising the sanctions regime imposed on the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

There is however a more sinister reason why this type of anti-DPRK propaganda sees its message renewed every year: the u.$. wishes Koreans, and the whole wide world to forget its large scale involvement in human trafficking in Korea, which is said to have forced over one million Korean women into sexual enslavement.

In 40 years, over a million women have worked in Korea’s military sex industry.
1996 documentary film “The Women Outside.” [1]

This figure — 1 million Korean women — has been accepted by subsequent academic publications. [2] [3]

south Korean camptown sex workers are “beholden to their club owner/manager/pimp through what human rights
activists call the debt bondage system, whereby they accrue debts to
their clubs and must work to pay them off before they can leave.


[I]t is imperative to understand that the kijich’on [camptown
prostitution] system is highly regulated and sustained by official
policies and practices of the U.S. military and the Korean government.
” [4]

It is noted that with the improvement of south Korea’s economy and the development of the Korean Women’s movement in the 1990′s, “women began to gain recognition/rights and fewer worked in clubs
cater[ing] to the US military in camptowns. During the past decade, the
gap left by their departure has been filled by Filipina women.


The number of Filipinas forced into sex work for the u.$. military in south Korea increased by more than 1000% from 1994 to 2002 (250 women to 3000). Nearly all of those Filipinas say they were victims of trafficking. [6] [7]

klimbims: Vladimir Kokkinaki at the helm of th…

Vladimir Kokkinaki at the helm of the “flying tank” IL-2 | Владимир Коккинаки за штурвалом «летающего танка» ИЛ-2


Vladimir Kokkinaki at the helm of the “flying tank” IL-2 | Владимир Коккинаки за штурвалом «летающего танка» ИЛ-2 by Olga



klimbims: Natalya Meklin-Kravtsova | Наталья …

Natalya  Meklin-Kravtsova | Наталья Меклин-Кравцова


Natalya Meklin-Kravtsova | Наталья Меклин-Кравцова by Olga

Via Flickr:

By the end of the war she had flown 982 night missions and dropped an estimated 147 tons of bombs on enemy-controlled territory.

russianfolklore: Evgeny Rachev‘s illustration for tale “The Wolf…


Evgeny Rachev‘s illustration for tale “The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats”.

“Winter Motifs”, postcard from 1976

“Winter Motifs”, postcard from 1976

Old children’s books (1970s-1980s)

Old children’s books (1970s-1980s)

otkrytki‌:Крым. Ялта. Вид на город. Crimea. Yalta. View on the…


Крым. Ялта. Вид на город. 

Crimea. Yalta. View on the city.


1985mir (220).jpg

1985mir (220).jpg