What’s the difference between Marxism, MLism and MLMism?

Marxism is the analytical system derived from the writings of Karl Marx, the political practice of what we now call “Orthodox Marxism” was dominant until the Russian Revolution and the theories of its vanguard party was consolidated and the ideas of the vanguard, democratic centralism, the state and revolution, imperialism, and the national question were adopted by the Comintern and solidified into a new development of Marxism, Marxism-Leninism. 

Through the experiences following this, namely the Cultural Revolution in China (in addition to the politics of the CPC during the Sino-Soviet split concerning revisionism, where most of Mao’s theory derives itself from) revolutionary MLs began thinking of Maoism (then Mao Zedong Thought) as a higher development of Marxism-Leninism. It wasn’t until the capitalist restoration in China, fall of the eastern bloc, and the experience of the Peruvian PW that MLM was consolidated as a new stage however. The theories of mass line, new democracy, two-line struggle, protracted people’s war, law of contradiction, and cultural revolution are the key developments of MLM.