postirony: The important thing for us, Communists, is not weither or not poor people have more…


The important thing for us, Communists, is not weither or not poor people have more money, when from our understanding of political economy we know there’s much more too it than that. All the dough we can imagine means nothing if housing is in the hands of landlords, they can do what they want with the price of food and transport, or in some egregious cases, healthcare is privatized.

Communists fight for these fundamental human rights for people wither or not they have a single cent. We might be vanguard fighters, but we fight for the whole proletariat. If you believe that some poor people having more money, as long as there is private property… and therefore political power in the hands of the bourgeoisie: those from whom it is imperative that that take advantage of the poor and our misery and desperation to perpetuate their fortunes, it will do nothing. Without power all is illusion.

It’s important to fight the economic struggle, money talks and bullshit walks to be sure, but whatever window of opportunity they have to make us suffer however they can that is not barricaded, they will use to drive us into their hands. They think we are too coarse to understand inflation, purchasing power, etc but Marxism as a look remains a scope which we can look beyond bourgeois political economy and use to chart our own course.

We may turn some of the poor rich, or we can make the rich afraid of us and our dignity. They think we should starve if we aren’t willing to let them mush us like sled dogs or sleep in ditches. It’s not enough for them to simply forbid us from our own forms of economic participation with any implications on the economic. They resent democracy itself and the idea that we should have any say in the institutions that structure our lives, for they have these things all figured out for us. In the most tangible sense they believe private property is above the law. They should not even have to pay for the courts to determine what is and is not theft, but the divine right to kill us on the spot for any perceived slight. We can’t afford to harbour any illusions about them when they have our destinies planned to the last cent.

When the peasant committee is assembled, when the urban masses gather together; the landlord and boss looks like a complete fool, blubbering and trying to bribe them. How many pennies can he throw to those who have all the power?

Slowly, like emerging from a long and painful nightmare and trying to understand what is real the masses of the world thrashed in cold sweat….

But it was 9.40 p.m on 25 October 1917 one hundred years ago that a shot fired from the gunship Aurora that roused them and opened their eyes. It echoed from there across old Europe dying in the din of War and the weeping of the Chinese masses who had spent a century on their knees at the feet of colonist straining to rise. It startled the toilers at dawn amid their Rice and Cane Sugar and the Sun Rose Red in India and the Philippines and once again in China that was transformed as the dirt fell from them as they stood up. Now it echoes even in the great mountains of Peru and Nepal.

The most feral, shameless, cynical and disgusting creatures among them; Clintons and Trumps; when they speak the names of the places where it’s resounding has once been heard most loudly, they drop their arrogance and aloofness to speak in serious tones. The ship Aurora is louder than their war drums as it was louder than all those of Wilhelm and Nicholas, who all but butchered a generation between them in their games. It’s searchlight cut through the smoke of their bombs as they were in the midst of their slaughter, so confident that they could never be caught by anyone.

This is why we celebrate the 100 years of the Great October Socialist Revolution. On November 7th, go out with your comrades and celebrate whereever you are, but if you happen to be in Montreal, go to the place Emilie Gamelin at 6:30, it’s in the middle of town where there will be a mass demonstration not just to commemorate our past but to show them that will not give up our future.