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 Dmitri Lvovich Klebanov (Ukrainian: Дмитрo Львович Клебанiв; Russian: Дмитрий Львович Клебанов), 1907-87, was an ukrainian soviet composer, artist and professor, part of a row of now largely-forgotten soviet composers.

 Having composed multiple operas and symphonies, one of his most notable works is symphony Babi Yar, 1945.

 Deceased shortly before his 80th birthday, and part of the artistic denounciations in the Stalin era, Klebanov, by an unwritten soviet rule, bore the blame for all of them. While he was spared exile, he lived his life in exile and obscurity, following to be rediscovered shortly, then having some of his work allegedly lost in a fire.

Who’s your favourite Soviet composer? Mine is Dmitri Shostakovich

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