RGA Is Not an MLM Organization

RGA Is Not an MLM Organization:




Earlier this year we published an open letter to them concerning their rape apologia. This of course, only scratched the surface of their opportunism, and we are glad to see more US Maoists start to seriously confront them and dig deep into their phony Maoism.

This is the most laughable nonsense I’ve read yet. RGA is one of the best maoist orgs in the US. Funny how all the principled and successful collectives are supportive and maintain close ties to RGA. Opportunists will do whatever they can to drag the real deal down.

Are you kidding me. This is nothing but slander against RGA. 

A political organisation that actively attempts to subjugate others to its erroneous line through disruption and infiltration, and fails to accept any form of criticism does not deserve any form of respect or classification as “principled”. It is quite pathetic that RGA’s answer to their inaction on the rape that occurred in Tjen Folket was to dismiss any critiques of their attitudes as “call out culture” – this is a recurring problem in leftist organisations, most of which are managed by male chauvinists hyped on machismo and rifle idolatry.