It looks like the RGA issued a statement about…

It looks like the RGA issued a statement about the member who has been accused of rape among other things on their WordPress blog. Is this what that call out post was referring to?

The only rape accusations I hear around RGA involves their continued ties with Tjen Folket which is not the black and white issue folks make it out to be. They have to maintain ties to the maoist struggle internationally and differences between orgs need to be struggled thru in private between the two orgs. RGA won’t cut ties to an org if the possibility of struggle still exists.

RGA is a leading force of the maoist movement in the states. They’ve become so successful they’re under intense scrutiny from the state. They have to maintain airtight security to protect their members. Security reasons and their constant work offline in the real world leaves them little ability/time to comment on each and every opportunist lie about them.

Stop listening to internet maoists who ain’t doing shit. These folks don’t have any clue. Austin is the front lines of the people’s struggle! The brief time I spent in Austin was honestly some of the most inspiring shit I’ve ever seen. There’s real hope out there. Don’t let these assholes make you think the American Maoist movement is dead. It’s stronger than ever!