Down with the Misogynistic Left, Death to the …


In light of what has transpired these past five days within the leftist domains of this website we would like to deliver a concise statement in hopes of directing this conversation in a way that roots out and directs social pressure upon the male chauvinists, the rapist apologists, and misogynists that plague and a form a base of reactionary undesirables that be must fiercely combated with no mercy.

We would also like to express our utmost solidarity and support towards victims of rape, and especially those that have been affected during the course of almost a week by the continuous ceaseless hounding, harassment by vile scum such as sobercommunist and his allies (cultural-gulagist,bangawang,among others).

The left, whether it is communists, anarchists, marxists, marxians, left-communists, or any other tendency where organisations are entirely composed by men bear the stain of patriarchy: misogyny, rape, and other forms of socio-economic violence.

Back in March 2017, we published an open letter to both Red Guards Austin (an u$ organisation) and Tjen Folket (Serve the People – Norway) – organisations which are known for collaborating with each other in small projects and having a direct relation – regarding their actions towards a comrade member of the Tjen Folket organisation who was raped by another member. Instead of siding with the victim, Tjen Folket chose to suspend the victim and maintain the rapist among its ranks. This matter was brought within the social channels of the Red Guards Austin, to which the leadership answered with suppression and censorship of any criticism. They went as so far as to indirectly reply to our letter with this embarrassing denunciation of ‘identity politics’. This is a recurring problem within leftists organisations, and one that continues unanswered today.

The past five days we have witnessed some of the vilest, most disturbing examples of this ‘left’ once again defending the aggressors, and not the victims of rape.

  • Victims of rape have been compared to cops for wanting their rapists to be executed
  • Victims of rape have been compared to reactionaries/nazis/psychopaths for wishing for the execution of their rapists
  • Victims of rape have been continuously ignored and dismissed by ‘marxists’ who uphold idealist utopian theories of prison abolishment under a capitalist society, which rejects historical materialism or the study of history itself.
  • Victims of rape have been compared to KKK and their arguments actively misconstrued as calling for “lynching mobs”.
  • Victims of rape have been actively alienated, attacked, and shown little to no support in the face of overwhelming psychological warfare by misogynistic rape apologists.
  • Victims of rape have been told they should make amends with their assailants and that rapists are also victims too.
  • Victims of rape have been told that the spirituality of rape apologists and the fact they sympathise with rapists should be prioritised, not the protection of victims of rape.

You know who these ‘leftists’ are, they are our enemies, they are the enemies of victims of rape, they are the enemies of women, they should treated with the same regard as assailants themselves: through strong condemnation, social alienation, and revolutionary violence. We stand with victims of rape when they say they want their rapists to be executed, and it’s our role as communists to ensure the protection of victims of rape through organisation and mass work against those who represent an obvious reactionary wing of leftism.

We would like to conclude this message with an appeal to username cannibality who in part holds responsibility for giving leeway to people like sobercommunist through her callous, disconnected posts of which she does not accept any criticism on while quote parroting to dismiss anyone who opposes idealist utopian prison abolitionism and ‘restorative justice’ as dumb radicals.