I take a lot of feminist critiques of marxism pretty seriously, and i think it’s useful to engage with the shortcomings of actually-existing communist practice on the so-called “woman question.”

However, it’s also important to recognize that communism has done more to advance women’s liberation than any other movement. To me there’s no debate about this. For all their immense shortcomings 20th century communist projects did more to advance the status of women and increase women’s degree of freedom in society than anything feminists have ever done in the centers of capital (and frankly, even those gains women have made here can be understood in large part as a capitalist response to the “red menace”). And today, communists (e.g. in India and Nepal) are still doing more, objectively, to advance women’s liberation than anyone else.

While, again, some feminists critiques of marxism from outside of marxism are invaluable in highlighting the work we still have to do, at the end of the day these critics and the movements they’re associated with have completely failed to produce any alternative that comes even remotely close to what communism has done for women. So to me, the claims that marxism is inherently a dead end for women’s liberation ring pretty hollow. At a certain point, put up or shut up.

In any case, it makes far more sense to me to take what has proved to work better than anything else as a starting point, and to make it better, than to throw my hands up and say we need to go back to the drawing board. TL;DR communism may not have a perfect track record but let’s not forget it has a better track record than literally any other political force on this matter.