What is the justification for the Winter War a…

What is the justification for the Winter War against Finland?

To establish context: the Soviet Union at the time was preparing
itself for an eventual war against fascist Germany. There was no doubt
that such would come – Hitler had ‘prophetically’ declared it in “Mein
Kampf” – therefore in the early 1930′s we saw the beginning of a wide
campaign focused on rearming the Soviet nation and establishing
defensive structures, what you would expect of a country getting ready
for war.

Finland’s geographical situation, bordering the
Soviet Union, and short distance to one of its major cities, Leningrad,
was arguably a severe strategic risk should Finland fall under the
influence of fascists. One of these strategic points would be the gulf
of Finland, a perfect sea body for enemy vessels to sail through and
land any troops, if necessary. Adding to all of this, Finland’s
government was heavily reactionary, its ‘regent’ Mannerheim declaring in 1919, “I strove deliberately and wittingly to create the
foundations for our relations with Russia of the future by military action
having for its objects the liberation of the capital of former Russia,
together with a territory large enough to permit of the establishment of
a stable and healthy minded Russian government, and thus to remove from
our frontiers the peril of Bolshevism

There were
diplomatic talks, altercations, and we reached a point where Soviet
soldiers were under Finnish fire, but resisted any retaliation. The
Finnish side had assumed there was more to the Soviet Union’s interest
in the strategic nature of the gulf of Finland. Needless to say, this
led to a major skirmish, presented as a war, and it was costly to both
sides. However, by the end of the war, Finland was grasping at straws
and the military situation was bound to crack wide open. Both sides were
finally able to reach an agreement and the reactionary government of
Finland recognised, after all, the Soviet Union was worried solely about
its defence.

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