hey, i wanted to know how north korea punishes…

hey, i wanted to know how north korea punishes people who are religious? i googled but i am not sure what to believe because i know alot of it is just zionist and american propaganda so i wanted to ask you. thank you already

Article 68 on “Fundamentals Rights and Duties of Citizens” in the Socialist Constitution of the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea states:

Citizens have freedom of religious belief.
This right is granted through the approval of the construction of
religious buildings and the holding of religious ceremonies. Religion must not be used as a pretext for drawing in foreign forces or for harming the State or social order.

This means North Korea are free to have their private faith as long as it does not interfere with their duties and the country’s stability. Religion is separated from politics and bears no influence in social, political, or economic matters.

While atheism is predominant in the DPRK, there are various minority religious beliefs:

  • Catholicism
  • Protestantism
  • Orthodox
  • Islam
  • Buddhism
  • Korean Shamanism 
  • Chondoism

Buddhism in the DPRK particularly stands out as it is organised by the Korean Buddhist Federation, a public organisation that is part of the DPRK’s government. Monks are paid wages just like any other public worker. The recent establishment of an academy for Buddhist studies and the publication of several translated old Korean Buddhist scriptures has revived the belief and gained traction among North Koreans. South Korean Buddhist leaders have also been allowed to travel to the DPRK and participate in religious ceremonies.

There is obvious suspicion towards foreign Christian missionaries as the U.S. and other imperialists have an extensive track record of using them for infiltration and espionage purposes.