According to a WHO (World Health Organisation) report in 2014,

the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea had a lower death rate by malnutrition (per
100,000) than France.

The malnutrition rate in the DPRK is lower than that in India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Philippines, Pakistan, Laos, Cambodia, and by some estimates Myanmar and Vietnam. Despite this, it’s often only the DPRK who receives crocodile tears from the western media and left, since apparently “Kim” is “starving his own people.” They’ll even go so far as to say that the DPRKs nuclear and missile programs are what cause such food shortages, as though they’re using grain to produce graphite ablator and dinitrogen tetroxide.

Little is ever mentioned about how sanctions limit the DPRKs ability to import goods in general, and that were similar sanctions imposed on the RoK (which relies on imports for 70% of its food supply) they would starve. Sanctions are genocidal in intent, they aim to starve a populace and cripple their economy in order to provoke rebellion. The u$ and its dogs have done this in place like Cuba and Iraq, yet somehow it’s always “the regime” at fault for the conditions created by blockades and sanctions. Those who support such sanctions aren’t supporting “the Korean people”, they’re supporting attempted genocide.