Why do people hate the "gang of four&quot…

Why do people hate the "gang of four"?

Failure to comprehend contemporary China operates under capitalism and that the CPC suffered a coup in 1976 conditions “communists” to regurgitate ‘historical facts’ prepared by the bourgeois within the party. When it comes to China, the so called “Gang of Four” were committed communists who sought to maintain the dictatorship of the proletariat and the struggle for socialism towards communism.

There was internal strife, bloodshed, and thanks to Deng Xiaoping’s machinations his clique was able to take over power and purge genuine Marxist-Leninists and replace them his cronies. This is exactly the same set of events that transpired in the Soviet Union following Stalin’s death: internal struggle between socialist and capitalist wings, the latter won, purged the party by the hundreds of thousands, and put in place people loyal to the ideas of Khrushchev.

So the only people who seem to care about reinforcing the belief that the “Gang of Four” was wrong are the contemporary revisionists (Brezhnevites) and the bourgeois dominated Communist Party of China.