9 questions about North Korea you were too emb…

9 questions about North Korea you were too embarrassed to ask:


Supposed “left-leaning” VOX ruffles the drums of war in yet another state department style article marked by the general omission of all the war crimes carried out in the Korean Peninsula and committed against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, South Korea, and the Korean people as a whole.


Again the myth that the Korean War started with the “invasion of the South” on June 25, 1950 – ignoring the 100,000 already killed by
U.S. backed South Korean forces (30,000 killed alone on the Jeju


According to VOX, the DPRK’s assessment of the U.S. as an “evil imperialist aggressor” is nothing
but “North Korean propaganda”.

In the Korean War alone, General Curtis LeMay boasted that “we went over
there and fought the war and eventually burned down every town in North


U.S. president Barack Obama sought a denuclearised DPRK not through negotiations, but by
imposing sanctions and escalating military exercises on the border – one of the mains reasons as to why the DPRK developed a deterrent programme and will maintain its existence as long as U.S. imperialism and its lackeys continue to be a threat to the self-determination of the DPRK and Korea itself.