Beware U.S. war propaganda against Korea!

Beware U.S. war propaganda against Korea!:


Why won’t he [Tucker Carlson] talk about
the fact that the DPRK has 100-percent literacy — the highest in the
world? Even the CIA World Factbook admits this. Interestingly enough,
its list of countries’ literacy rates does not include the U.S. or south

No wonder. According to a study conducted in late April of
2013 by the U.S. Department of Education and the National Institute of
Literacy, 32 million adults, or 14 percent of the population in the
U.S., could not read. In addition, 21 percent of adults read below a
fifth-grade level and 19 percent of high school graduates could not
read. For a country as rich as the United States, this is a monumental

And don’t blame it on the kids or their teachers. It is a
reflection of the cultural backwardness imposed on the people of this
country by the small class of billionaires who control the government
and media and defund the system of education.

Why don’t Fox and
the Times mention that health care in the DPRK is free and the country
has cut its infant mortality rate by more than 80 percent since 1950,
despite war and sanctions? Or that it continues to reduce maternal
mortality — the rate at which women die as a result of childbirth — even
as maternal mortality has actually been increasing in the U.S.?

crime is not that a country like the DPRK, which was destroyed by U.S.
bombers in the 1950-1953 war, has to prioritize defense while still
pulling itself up by its bootstraps. The crime is that a country like
the U.S., which has been among the most highly developed in the world
for at least a century, can’t provide decent education and medical care
for its people.