The U.S. has terrorized Cuba for over 50 years…

The U.S. has terrorized Cuba for over 50 years — Fidel Castro is right to be wary of Obama’s claims:


“It is time, now, for us to leave the past behind,” Obama insisted. The former Cuban president scoffed at the idea.

suppose all of us were at risk of a heart attack upon hearing these
words from the President of the United States,” Castro wrote in “Brother Obama,” an open letter published in the Cuban state newspaper Granma.

continued, listing acts of U.S. aggression against Cuba: “After a
ruthless blockade that has lasted almost 60 years, and what about those
who have died in the mercenary attacks on Cuban ships and ports, an
airliner full of passengers blown up in midair, mercenary invasions,
multiple acts of violence and coercion?”

portrayed Castro’s comments as a sign of supposed ill will and
ingratitude. But an objective look at the history shows that his
response was not only wholly justified; it was frankly quite mild.

the crimes — and there is no question that they are crimes — the U.S.
has repeatedly and continuously committed against its sovereign neighbor
over the past five decades include:

  • a violent invasion that left hundreds dead
  • more than 600 assassination attempts
  • myriad covert campaigns dedicated to fomenting “hunger, desperation and overthrow of government”
  • the unilateral imposition of a suffocating embargo
  • and the harboring of CIA-trained admitted terrorists who murdered Cuban civilians in hopes of toppling the socialist state.

the 1959 revolution that overthrow the brutal right-wing regime of
U.S.-backed Cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista, the U.S. has pursued
policies in and against Cuba that can only, according to any consistent
definition of the term, be described as terrorism. This is precisely
what world-renowned scholar and foreign policy analyst Noam Chomsky has
called U.S. actions in the country: a “terrorist campaign” and a decades-long “murderous terrorist war.”

former government functionaries have admitted as much. Writing in the
New York Times in 1978, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and historian
Garry Wills detailed
the U.S.’s “campaign of terror and sabotage directed against Castro.”
Wills was reviewing the research of illustrious historian Arthur
Schlesinger, who worked closely with and advised both John and Robert
Kennedy and described the U.S.’s strategy as an attempt to unleash “the
terrors of the earth” on post-revolutionary Cuba. …