First-Worldism and Revisionism

First-Worldism and Revisionism:


“[I]t does not suffice to say that First-Worldism, as a deviation, is simply “revisionist” and then move on. There are many tendencies and deviations which inevitably lead down the capitalist road and toward the liquidation or fatal interruption of conscious class struggle. It is true that First-Worldism pulls the communist movement inexorably toward the liquidation of fundamental Marxist principles through a failure to correctly identify the exact nature of modern capitalism-imperialism. However, neither First-Worldism nor revisionism are monolithic categories. Not all revisionism is equal, and our approach to these mistaken ideas and deviations must be built according to their nature. This means that we must first understand First-Worldism on a deeper level, not only to counter its rightward pull, but to better understand our own position and tasks.”