How does Comrade Jepsen feel about Democratic …

How does Comrade Jepsen feel about Democratic Socialism?

In Comrade Jepsen’s work “Boy Problems” she addresses the question of democratic socialism (as well as the heteropatriarchy):

What’s worse? Losin’ a lover or losin’ your best friend?

Jepsen here asks what is preferable: to lose a comrade who focuses on long term goals (such as the rae•vol•ution), or a vapid engagement with short term reformism that can be easily overturned by the bourgeoisie?

She follows with,

What’s worse is when you discover, you’re not good for each other

Comrade Jepsen points out the incompatibility between the goals of rae•vol•ution (which seeks to abolish capitalism) and democratic socialism (which seeks to tame capitalism with reforms).

She concludes,

She’s been giving, you’ve been taking, taking, taking.

Comrade Jepsen presents the main issue of democratic socialism: it is built upon further exploitation of third world countries to maintain the welfare of first world [white] workers under “democratic socialism”.

This is why under the Jepsenist line, democratic socialism represents the left wing of fascism.