North Koreans Are Fully Aware That Kim Jong-un…

North Koreans Are Fully Aware That Kim Jong-un is in Singapore to Meet Donald Trump – Reports to the Contrary Are Fake News – Eurasia Future:


A plethora (mostly US and European) media outlets have falsely reported
that DPRK citizens (North Koreans) are unaware of Kim Jong-un’s visit
to Singapore and his meeting with Donald Trump which will take place in a
matter of hours. This could not be further from the truth. DPRK print
and television media have covered Kim’s trip to Singapore and have
commented on hopes for a successful new era in peaceful relations as a
result of the summit.

Not only are North Koreans aware of Kim’s visit but they are aware that
peace and de-nuclearisation are a major goal of the summit. The
irresponsible fake news “journalism” of outlets that have made reports
to the contrary appear to be engaged in a campaign of slander against
the DPRK at a time when an atmosphere of good will and reconciliation is
necessary. Lying media outlets continue to perpetuate shame upon
themselves for deceiving to their own readers and viewers about the
reality of information in the DPRK.