N. Korea voices regret over U.S.’ attitude dur…

N. Korea voices regret over U.S.’ attitude during denuclearization talks:


In a statement issued by an unnamed foreign ministry spokesman and
carried by the Korean Central News Agency, the North lashed out at the
United States for seeking unilateral and forced denuclearization from

“We expected that the
U.S. side would come with productive measures conducive to building
trust in line with the spirit of the North-U.S. summit and (we)
considered providing something that would correspond to them,” the
spokesman said.

“The U.S. just came out with such unilateral
and robber-like denuclearization demands as CVID, declaration and
verification that go against the spirit of the North-U.S. summit
meeting,” he added, calling the talks “really disappointing.”

The spokesman apparently rejected the U.S. demand
and reiterated Pyongyang’s call for a “phased” and “synchronous”
approach, saying that it would be the shortest way to realize a
nuclear-free Korean Peninsula.

“It would be the shortest path
toward realization of the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula to
… boldly break away from the failure-ridden methods of the past, push
for whole new approaches and seek to resolve problems one by one based
on trust and in a phased and synchronous principle,” he said.

Once again the u.$. imperialists are unable to pursue dialogue, Pompeo and Bolton are of the same cloth.