Pompeo urges North Korea’s Kim to follow Vietn…

Pompeo urges North Korea’s Kim to follow Vietnam’s example:


He said the key to Vietnam’s rise was post-Vietnam War engagement
with the United States, which began in 1985, when the countries started
working together to repatriate remains of U.S. service members lost in

As part of his talks with North Korea, Pompeo has been
seeking the return of remains from the 1950-53 Korean War and  officials
from the two sides are due to meet next week to discuss details of

Pompeo said that in past two decades, U.S. bilateral trade
with Vietnam had grown 8,000 percent, and American companies had poured
in billions of dollars of investments.    

fact that we’re co-operating – and not fighting – is proof that when a
country decides to create a brighter future for itself alongside the
United States, we follow through on American promises,” Pompeo said.

“The miracle could be your miracle,” Pompeo said of North Korea and its leader.

United States has been clear on what we seek from North Korea…,”
Pompeo said. “The choice now lies with North Korea and its people. 

“If they are able to do this, they will be remembered, and Chairman Kim will be remembered, as a hero of the Korean people.”

Pompeo urges the DPRK to abandon socialism and class struggle to become the new sweatshop of labour for imperialists. Hours ago, he had rejected the assessment by the DPRK’s Foreign Ministry that the u.$. made gangster-like demands. Not only does the u.$. seek to impose Libya style denuclearisation, it also seeks the destruction of socialism. To this there can only be one answer: death to u.$. imperialism and their lackeys, socialism or death!