The fact that “progressive” leftists on here follow sobercommunist is incredible, like that means you’ve been actively watching someone stalk and obsess over random women and had no problem with it.

This is a guy who got around me preventing him from viewing my blog twice and bragged about it saying he “has eyes everywhere”, who kept tagging me in posts about abuse, who attributed random shit to me I never said. And does this all the time.

In fact, out of all the posts where he complains about cunts and bitches and jokes about male violence, there are very few posts anyone reblogs.

So they aren’t following because they agree with him on some things, they’re following him because they get satisfaction from what he does.

For when he inevitably screenshots this post and I have to hide my blog again: Find something better to do.

And to all you “leftists” who preach about how much you hate misogyny and follow him: You’re lying to your followers.

I would appreciate if people reblog this so that you can block him. And maybe let your not-so-sneaky mutuals know to not reblog from him.