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Look what I have! The iconic rainbow Soyuz Apollo pin is now a postcard! I have a bunch of these to share and will add them for free to any Etsy order in my shop. If you want one of these, add ‘RAINBOW’ to the Message to Seller text field in your cart before placing order.

(First come first serve.)

Bot stream seems to have dried up (🎉🎉🎉), I blocked/reported at least 500 during the last couple of days. I noticed that bot names were always comprised of several words stacked together and some of them were quite hilarious! I wrote down some of my favourites. 

Nervous Galaxy Police
Instant Bird Giver (that’s a great talent to have)
Androgynous Time Machine
Captain Annoying Nerd Collection
Nerdy Cheesecake
So Delicately Fart
The Hard Trash Collector (as opposed to liquid trash?)
Humongous Goatee Love
Pale Bread Hideout
Almost Androgynous Wizard

HAPPY NEW YEAR my dear readers! Thank you for sharing my journey all through the year of 2017. 

It’s a custom in Russia to give each other wishes for the upcoming year. My wish is for you to be a better version of yourselves in 2018, to live, to love, to make memories and to make this year the best yet!

С Новым годом! С новым счастьем!