Category: 1900s

Vologda region of Russia, original color photographs by Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky (1909)

The Bronze Horseman in Saint Petersburg (Peter the Great monument). Early 1900s postcard.

Antique Russian books published between 1903 and 1913

Ivan Khlebnikov and Sons, a Russian jewelry company. Silverware catalogue (1908)

Poems by Izabella Grinevskaya (1904)

M. Shorshorov & Sons, Trading and manufacturing (antique advertising postcard, 1900s)

Vintage ads. Pharmaceuticals, chemicals, perfumery and colonial goods by R. Koeler & Ko (Russia, 1902)

Antique Russian Easter postcards (1900s-1910s)

Antique Russian Easter eggs from 1900s-1910s (porcelain, silver)

Decorative Easter eggs from Russia (1890s-1900s)