Category: 1920s

“Fuse and isolation. All-Russia State Trust Company of Fuse and Isolation Manufacturing.” Soviet ad poster from 1924.

(In Russian, it’s the same word for electrical fuse, corks and traffic jams.)

Illustration for “The Tale of She-Bear” by Alexander Pushkin, artist V. Masyutin (1924)

Советское мыло.

Soviet soap.

“Beautiful Spring”, book illustrated by M. Favorskaya (USSR, 1928)

Sheet music covers from 1925-1928 (Soviet Union).

Viktor Shklovsky, Larisa Kushnir, Lilya Brik and Vladimir Mayakovsky in 

Norderney, Germany (1923)

“Poetry of Revolution” by Vladimir Mayakovsky (1923)

Covers of “The Women’s Magazine” (USSR, 1929)

International exhibition of modern arts and crafts in Paris. USSR section. Cover by Alexander Rodchenko (1925)

“Without newspaper there is no knowledge! Be prepared, read the newspaper.”

1926 poster advertising “Pioneer Truth”, a newspaper for youth. “Be prepared” is pioneers’ call/motto.