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Soviet children’s books from 1926-1930

My favourites are the one about a kitchen and the one about the trip to Crimea. Awesome.

Soviet children’s books, both published in 1927

Vintage ads. Gedeka copying machine. Сarbon paper and typewriter ribbon (USSR, 1920s)

All-Union Fair in Nizhny Novgorod (poster, 1929)


Бойцы Первой конной армии Буденного, 1920

Flower sellers on Arbat Square in Moscow (1929)

Children’s books illustrated by Vladimir Lebedev (1924-1925-1935)

«Мороженое». С. Я. Маршак (1926). Рисунки В. Лебедева.

“Icecream“ by Samuil Marshak. 1926. Illustrations by V. Lebedev.

The Art of Clothing, Soviet fashion magazines from 1920s