Category: 1920s

The Art of Clothing, Soviet fashion magazines from 1920s

Soviet posters from 1920s – reading and literacy propaganda.

«Что делает взятка». Советский плакат 1922 года.

“What is the result of a bribe?” Soviet poster of 1922.

The Other Fedot, poem by Moris Dolinov. Book cover by I. Lebedev (USSR, 1925)

“A Summer Day” by S. Preobrazhensky, illustrated by N. Sinebuzova (1926)

“Physical! Culture!” – sheet music cover designed by Yevgeny Golstein (1925)

Vladimir Mayakovsky and his muse/lover Lilya Brik (1925)

Perfume shop in Russia (1920s)

Tatlin at work. Collage by El Lissitzky (1922) (via)

(Vladimir Tatlin is a Soviet avant-garde artist.)

Vintage ads. Malton milk flour for children. Page from the Women’s Magazine (April 1927)