Category: 1930s

Diner at kolkhoz market in Kulebaki, Gorky [Nizhny Novgorod] region (1937)

Palace of the Soviets (planned, but never built in reality) on the cover of Murzilka, October 1937. Drawing by Georgy Tuganov.

Soviet Armenia, vintage travel ad poster (1930s)

Poster for a children’s festival in a city park in Moscow (c. 1934)

Pioneer’s and schoolkid’s base in Gorky park. Soviet poster (1934)

Dining hall in the “kitchen factory” of Dinamo Electromechanical Plant (Moscow, 1938)

Main building of the Timiryazev Agricultural Academy, Moscow (1937)

Poster for a school year end festival in Leningrad (1934)

“My Paris”, book of photography by Ilya Erenburg. Design and collages by El Lissitzky. Published in 1933.

You can see the whole book here:

“Buy shaped chocolate”, Soviet poster (1938)