Category: 1950s

The Winter Palace in Leningrad, photo from 1953

“Sunny Day” by Yuri Volkov (1953)

Матрёшки. Утренник в детском саду. 1950-е годы.

Matryoshka dolls. Children’s matinee in a kindergarten. 1950s.

Laika, the first Soviet space dog (1957)

Illustration by Yevgeny Rachyov. As published in Murzilka, March 1957.

“The Fox With a Rolling Pin”, Russian folk tale illustrated by Yevgeny Rachyov. As published in Murzilka magazine, March 1954.

Volna (’Wave’) radio receiver manufactured by Alexandrov Radio Plant in Leningrad in 1951 (via thngs

Photo by Ivan Shagin (early 1950s)

“Let’s talk about cleanliness”

“Recall what you touched today”

“Dirty hands are dangerous. To keep the disease away be cultured; before eating, wash your hands with soap.”

Soviet hygiene poster by S. Andriyevich (1957)


“Ventilate your home more often!” Soviet poster, 1955

Чаще проветривайте своё жилище! 1955 год.