Category: 1960s

– Hello Pooh, how are things?
– Sad and terrible.

Winnie the Pooh and a Busy Day (USSR, 1972)

Restaurant menu (Russia, 1960s)

Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. Photo by V. Sobolev (May 1968)

Cover of Funny Pictures, May 1964. Illustration by L. Sergeyev.

Interior of one of the rooms of a three-room model apartment in the 10th experimental quarter (Novyye Cheryomushki, Moscow). October 1, 1968.

Photo by Naum Granovsky/TASS 

Gardens of the Moscow Kremlin (May 1965)

Interior of a living room from the “Household electrical appliances and lamps produced in the GDR” exhibition (June 4, 1969).

Photo by Alexander Konkov/TASS.

“Hunchbacked Horse” by Kim Shikhov (1967)

“Lovely Crane”, a book of Ukrainian lullabies for children. Artist G. Gladysheva (1967)

Photo by Mikhail Ozersky (Moscow, 1962)