Category: 1960s

Books by Vladimir Zheleznikov illustrated by Naum Tseitlin (1961-1970)

Cover of Funny Pictures, November 1967

Leningrad celebrating the 50th anniversary of October Revolution. Oktyabrskaya Hotel on Vosstaniya Square (1967)

“What a wonderful carousel”, illustration by Yu. Fyodorov

November cover of Funny Pictures, Soviet children’s magazine (1968)

(Reads: October, Aurora)

Children by the Monument to the Conquerors of Space (Moscow, 1960s)

I had a wonderful long weekend away, and now I’m home and ready to fill your dashes with Soviet cuteness! 🙂

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1965)

October Revolution Day decorations in Leningrad (1967)

Kindergarten crossing

Soviet actress Elina Bystritskaya (1960s)