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Beware Of The Car (1966) Dir. Eldar Ryazanov




Чеховский этюд “Душечка Ольга Семеновна заедает стресс”.

March Murzilka issues through the years (1928—1969)



This cooking book was a gift to my grand mother for women day back in 1967. She does not live anymore and the book was in possession of my Mother. Nowadays it is in my possession and has its place in the kitchen.
My mother used it a lot when I was little and today I have decided to try out a recipe for the first time.
I have made the clasic buckwheat recipe. It is a classic and simple dish that we always loved.

The recipe:

You take three cups of water and cook it in a pott.
Meanwhile you add one table spoon of salt and two table spoons of butter.
When the water is cooking you add two cups of buckwheat and let it cook for about 15 / 20 minutes.
Then you take it off the fire and close the pott.
Let it stand for about 3 hours and you can eat it with some additional salt and butter.

In the future I will post more recipes out of this book.
I hope you enjoy this first blog post.

-Rodina CCCP

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Recipe taken from the book: Kulinarniji rezepti from Pichewaja Promischlenostj, moscow cccp 1966. 2nd print price:82 kop.