Category: 1970s

Rooster, illustration by T. Kolyusheva 

Winter in Yuznho-Sakhalinsk, Russian Far East (1970)

Zhdanovskaya (Vykhino) – commuter train and metro station in Moscow (1976)

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva, published in Funny Pictures in February 1971.

Excerpt from Oscar-nominated “White Bim Black Ear”, dir. Stanislav Rostotsky (1977). Score by Andrey Petrov.

Aeroflot flight attendant

Nadezhda Tkach in Sheremetyevo airport in Moscow (1973)

“There are seven houses in the village. Seven porches, seven grannies, seven puppies, seven chimneys, seven rowdy roosters sitting on seven fences and not looking at each other, their tail feathers spreaded, each tail of seven colors.”

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva

Petrozavodsk, Karelia (1972)

Toy shop in Simferopol (1970s)

Academic M. Dubinin (right) and theoreticians of his laboratory in the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the USSR Academy of Science. Photo by O. Kuzmin (April 1974)