Category: 1980s

Pioneers Ponds in Moscow (1988)

Garden by Bolshoi Theater in Moscow. Photo by V. Sobolev (May 1983)

Eruption of Shiveluch volcano on Kamchatka (1985)

Spring in Moscow Kremlin. Photo by V. yegorov (May 1985)

May Day parade on Gorky Street (Tverskaya) in Moscow (1981)

I bet it was too long since you’ve watched this!

Plasticine Crow, dir. Aleksandr Tatarsky (1981)

The first Soviet claymation movie. 800 kg of plasticine was used to make it.

This loose retelling of Fox and Cheese fable features, besides the Crow and the Fox, a dog, a cow, an ostrich in trainers, a street sweeper playing piano, an unworking TV set, a mermaid from Pushkin’s fairy tale, a palm tree, an unexpected hippo, and a tiny clone of the street sweeper. The moral is, “Don’t dance on a construction site.” Pure gold! Shout out to everyone who, like me, knows the whole thing by heart. 😀

Pripyat before the Chernobyl disaster (1980s)

Soviet design 

1. Elekma – food processor (meat grinder, dough kneader, mixer, coffee mill) (1986)
2. Electric spinning weel (1978)
3. Ob – home radio receiver (1980s)

(via Moscow Design Museum)

Riga Train Station in Moscow (1980)

Spring in Pripyat, Ukraine (before 1986)