Category: 1980s

Moscow metro. Studencheskaya (Students) open air station. Photo by Valery Shitov (1985)

Day care teacher Boris Verzub (Moscow, 1982)


Went Sowing by A. Logunov, artist Yu. Trizna (1983)

View of Space Conquerors monument, VDNKh metro station and Ostankino TV tower (Moscow, 1983)

Robin’s Song by Viktor Astafyev, artist T. Solovyova (1980)

Plants Under Protection, Vintage postcard set (1981)

Eternal Flame by T. Belozyorov, illustrated by V. Pertsov (1979)

“Look! What a funny pair of bananas!” illustration from the Funny Pictures magazine (1988)

Windmill in Kimzha village, Arkhangelsk region of Russia (1985)