Category: Architecture

Airworkers’ House of Culture in Leningrad (c. 1930)

Luzhniki Stadium in Moscow, photo by Semyon Fridlyand (1950s)

Pavillion of Karelo-Finnish SSR at VDNKh, postcard by N. Shishlovsky (1954)

Kropotkinskaya Street (Prechistenka) in Moscow, photo by V. Krylova c. 1980)

Mayakovsky Square in Moscow (1950s)

Ostrovsky Sidestreet in Moscow, photo by V. Krylov (c. 1978)

Inside the Moscow Kremlin. Photo by Naum Granovsky (1950s)

Winter in Moscow (1967)

Resurrection Church in Suzdal (1968)

Griboyedov Canal in Leningrad, photo by S. Chabutkin (1981)