Category: art

Funny Pictures, May 1957. Cover art by Ivan Semyonov.

Cover and back cover of Yunost (Youth) magazine, April 1979. Artwork by V. Golotenko.

Illustration by Nikolai Ustinov (1978)

Russian art. “Tops Of Pine Trees Lit By The Sun” by Ivan Shishkin (postcard published in 1956)

“Moscow Nights”, a song lyric postcard by A. Shishlovsky (1959)

Rain in Leningrad. Linocut by A. Ushin (1960s)

Little nightingale, a Ukrainian song (translated into Russian). Art by V. Tarasova (1950s).

Engraving by E. Bugodossky (1969)

Spaceship Soyuz-5, illustration by Yury Kopeiko (1969)

Soviet art. Fyodor Antonov, “Still Life By The Open Window” (1954)