Category: autumn

Autumn on river Vyazma. Ivanovo region, Russia (1990)

Pond in Nizhnyaya Oreanda Sanatorium in Yalta, Crimea (1970)

Page from the book Childhood by Ivan Bunin, artist A. Pakhomov (1972)

“We’re going to the kindergarten”, illustration by A. Kanevsky (1972)

Falling Leaves by Ivan Bunin, art by Nikolai Ustinov (1982)

Illustration by Natalya Knyazkova

Autumn in the old forest of Moscow’s botanical garden (1983)

The Council for Mutual Economic Assistance building in Moscow, on Novy Arbat Street (1970s)

Photo by Yury Belinsky, 1968

1st Ostankinskaya street in Moscow (1949)