Category: book art

Robin’s Song by Viktor Astafyev, artist T. Solovyova (1980)

Snow Is Singing by A. Barkov, artist Nikolai Ustinov (1966)

Illustration for Russian folk tale “The Hare’s Hut” by Yury Vasnetsov (autolithography, 1965).

The Man and the Bear, Russian folk tale illustrated by Yevgeny Rachyov (postcard from 1955)

Go There Don’t Know Where, Russian folk tale illustration by Nikolai Kochergin (postcard, 1956)

Animal illustrations by Russian artist Yevgeny Charushin (1901-1965)

Cinderella illustration by Nika Goltz (1956)

Illustration from School Window, children’s book written and illustrated by Irina Pivovarova (1971)

I went to the Yuri Vasnetsov exhibition again, this time with postcards 😀

The Snow Book by S. Pogorelovsky, artist N. Muratov (1965)