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Morozko (Mr Frost) is a Russian folk tale about a girl who was left outside in the middle of the winter to die—but didn’t. It was published many times with different art. Here are some of Morozko book covers (1950s-1980s).

Books by Vladimir Zheleznikov illustrated by Naum Tseitlin (1961-1970)

Soviet children’s books from 1926-1930

My favourites are the one about a kitchen and the one about the trip to Crimea. Awesome.

Soviet book covers

Cardbooks by Eduard Uspensky about a girl called Vera and a monkey called Anfisa, illustrated by Viktor Chizhikov (1985-86) 

Vera And Anfisa Meet
Vera And Anfisa At The Clinic
Vera And Anfisa Go To Kindergarten
Vera And Anfisa Get Lost

Books by Agniya Barto 

Smudgy-faced Girl, artist M. Uspenskaya (1953)
Kindhearted Vovka, artist G. Mazurin (1962)
Black Newby, artist V. Goryayev (1964)
Greedy Yegor, artist G. Ogorodnikov (1983)

Soviet children’s books, both published in 1927

Cover of Adventures of Words by Dmitry Kobyakov (1975)

“River Rocks”, book by Arseny Sedugin, illustrated by Tatyana Zvonaryova (1956)

Soviet books from 1950s