Category: book covers

Vintage books by Vitaly Bianki, Soviet author who told children about animals, birds and nature in general.

The Other Fedot, poem by Moris Dolinov. Book cover by I. Lebedev (USSR, 1925)

“A Childhood Friend” by Viktor Dragunsky, illustrated by Gennady Yepishin (1973)

Decanter by Mikhail Zoschenko (book cover, 1945)

Not A Companion by O. Brik, cover designed by Anton Lavinsky (1923)

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Russia, 1892)

“Hello” by L. Kvitko (1941)

Old children’s books (1970s-1980s)

Lights. Christmas almanac for children. Russia, 1912

Agniya Barto “A Nice Evening” (1952). Illustrated by I. Bruni.