Category: Book Illustration

“Mr Cat has a lovely fur coat. Mr Cat has moustache of amazing beauty. His eyes are brave. His teeth are white.”

Illustration by K. Zotov, as published in Funny Pictures in Feb. 1963.

Cover of Kostyor (Campfire), a Soviet youth magazine. Artist K. Ovchinnikov, September 1969.

Tomka the Dog – illustration by Yevgeny Charushin

Frontpaper art from “Dreams”, children’s book by Aleksandr Vvedensky, illustrated by David Khaikin (1966)

“Village Street”, “City Street” – books by L. Zilov illustrated by A. Soborova (USSR, 1927)

Russian folk tales illustrated by Yuri Vasnetsov

Yemelya and the Magic Pike illustration by Nikolai Kochergin (1956)

Rainbow Houses by Maria Krsmanovich, illustrated by T. Yeryomina (1959)

Illustration by Nikolai Ustinov

Nikita Charushin’s illustration for “From North to South”, a book by Nikolai Sladkov (published in 1987).