Category: Book Illustration

The Story of a Smart Mouse by Samuil Marshak, artist A. Savchenko (1988)

Books by Vladimir Zheleznikov illustrated by Naum Tseitlin (1961-1970)

Animal illustrations by Russian artist Yevgeny Charushin (1901-1965)

Cinderella illustration by Nika Goltz (1956)

Illustration from School Window, children’s book written and illustrated by Irina Pivovarova (1971)

The Snow Book by S. Pogorelovsky, artist N. Muratov (1965)

Have a kitty!

(from The Kitten Who Wanted To Be A Tiger book by E. Seleznyova, art by Alisa Poret, 1964)

Colorful Book by Samuil Marshak, artist V. Lebedev (1971)

Soviet children’s books from 1926-1930

My favourites are the one about a kitchen and the one about the trip to Crimea. Awesome.

Umbrella, Grandfather and I by B. Belova, artist M. Belomlinsky (1980)