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Books by Vladimir Zheleznikov illustrated by Naum Tseitlin (1961-1970)

Just out of print books: “Processing Fruit, Berries And Vegetables At Home” and “Storing Vegetables” – Soviet poster (1956)

Small World Atlas (1984)

My First Zoology written and illustrated by Yevgeny Charushin (1942). In two parts, “In the Yard” and “In the Forest”.

“My Paris”, book of photography by Ilya Erenburg. Design and collages by El Lissitzky. Published in 1933.

You can see the whole book here:

Books by Agniya Barto 

Smudgy-faced Girl, artist M. Uspenskaya (1953)
Kindhearted Vovka, artist G. Mazurin (1962)
Black Newby, artist V. Goryayev (1964)
Greedy Yegor, artist G. Ogorodnikov (1983)

Soviet children’s books, both published in 1927

Antique Russian books published between 1903 and 1913

Cover of Adventures of Words by Dmitry Kobyakov (1975)

«Мороженое». С. Я. Маршак (1926). Рисунки В. Лебедева.

“Icecream“ by Samuil Marshak. 1926. Illustrations by V. Lebedev.