Category: children’s books

The Story of a Smart Mouse by Samuil Marshak, artist A. Savchenko (1988)

Books by Vladimir Zheleznikov illustrated by Naum Tseitlin (1961-1970)

Soviet children’s book “Hemp Hempchen” by Ivan Novikov (1926)

The Snow Book by S. Pogorelovsky, artist N. Muratov (1965)

Stories And Poems For Children, Soviet book in English (1982)

Colorful Book by Samuil Marshak, artist V. Lebedev (1971)

Soviet children’s books from 1926-1930

My favourites are the one about a kitchen and the one about the trip to Crimea. Awesome.

Umbrella, Grandfather and I by B. Belova, artist M. Belomlinsky (1980)

Summer Days by Konstantin Paustovsky, artist V. Topkov (1982)

The Post by Samuil Marshak, artist F. Lemkul (1989)