Category: constructivism

Dining hall in the “kitchen factory” of Dinamo Electromechanical Plant (Moscow, 1938)

Cover of Chizh (Siskin), a Soviet children’s magazine. Designed by Lev Yudin (1931)

Spent the day in Nizhny Novgorod today, had a rendezvous with my favorite post-constructivist building.

It was designed by Alexander Yakovlev and built in 1933-1934. Originally a hotel, it became a shopping center in late 90s.

Tatlin at work. Collage by El Lissitzky (1922) (via)

(Vladimir Tatlin is a Soviet avant-garde artist.)

Not A Companion by O. Brik, cover designed by Anton Lavinsky (1923)

“Airplane”, magazine cover (August 1923)

House Painting magazine covers, 1930-32

“Building Moscow” – Soviet magazine, covers from 1929

Russian avant garde artist Varvara Stepanova at work (1924) (via)

Born on October 23, 1894

“Bicycle Is Your Friend” by P. Ippolitov, vintage Soviet book published in 1929