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Cover of Funny Pictures, November 1987. Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of October Revolution in Russia.

Animal illustrations by Russian artist Yevgeny Charushin (1901-1965)

I had a wonderful long weekend away, and now I’m home and ready to fill your dashes with Soviet cuteness! 🙂

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1965)

“Everybody’s working in a little village near the swamp” – illustration by V. Blinov (1971)

Cover of Funny Pictures, October 1972. Art by Viktor Chizhikov.

“We’re going to the kindergarten”, illustration by A. Kanevsky (1972)

Illustration by Natalya Knyazkova

While Bear is waiting for house guests, he goes to wash some berries. He thinks, “What if they’re not good, then my guests won’t like them! I’m going to taste them myself first.” He has one, then another. This one is sweet, the other sweeter. So Bear ties a scarf around his mouth and waits for his guests like that.


Autumn, illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1971)

Cover of Funny Pictures (April 1968)