Category: cute

Moscow Zoo, 1920s-1950s

“Attention! Watch our springtime programme.” Illustration by V. Kanevsky, published in Funny Pictures in 1973.

Vintage mechanical card made in Latvia in late 1940s. The bottle is filled with sand and it moves when you move the card.

“Congratulations!” Postcard by Anna Gorobiyevskaya (Ukraine, 1960)

Good morning! It’s a sunny one for us, I feel very energetic. 🙂

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1964)

Illustration by I. Belopolskaya and I. Komarova (1970)

Which spaceship belongs to each of the spacemen?

Illustration from Murzilka by E. Avakyan (1975)

Birthday card by Vladimir Zarubin (1991)

Brave skydivers. Illustration by M. Bitny (1960)

Girl and Her Dolls, postcard by Asta Vender (Estonia, 1958)