Category: design

“Put it out! Prevent fires”, a vintage Russian matchbox label (1960)

Yunost (Youth) watches, informational booklet from the 1960s

Vintage booklet advertising Beryozka, a limited entry luxury goods store in Moscow, Leningrad and Sochi (1960s)

Cover of Chizh (Siskin), a Soviet children’s magazine. Designed by Lev Yudin (1931)

All-Union Industrial and Agricultural Exhibitions (postcard set cover, 1956)

Soda and liquor labels from Estonia (1960s-80s)

Vintage ads. Bread, biscuits and pies by RosGlavKhleb (1939) (via)

Tatlin at work. Collage by El Lissitzky (1922) (via)

(Vladimir Tatlin is a Soviet avant-garde artist.)

Labels from vintage vinyl records manufactured in Riga, Latvia (1950s-1960s)

Vintage ads. Milkshake (1964)