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Vintage Soviet 35 mm filmstrips for children (diafilm)

50 new diafilms listed in the shop! I put together little collages to represent each film. There were a couple that I couldn’t find at all in the entirety of the Internet, so they’re going to be ~mystery rolls~. I did try to find someone to scan the film, but I only found this guy who asked to cut the film in shorter strips so he could scan it. Well, thanks but no thanks. Mystery rolls it is!

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“Where Has Winter Gone” by Vladimir Orlov, illustrated by V. Scherbinin (Soviet filmstrip, 1989)

You can see it in full here.

Educational filmstrip about mushrooms. Illustrated in by T. Bagina, published in 1988.

Soviet Moomin filmstrips illustrated by Boris Diodorov. You can watch them in full here: 1, 2.

Listed these diafilms (filmstrips) today: 1, 2, 3, 4

Mukha-Tsokotukha – vintage filmstrip illustrated by B. Stepantsev (1963). Story by Kornei Chukovsky. You can see the whole filmstrip here.

“What Are You, Mushroom?” vintage educational film strip illustrated by L. Aristov (1964) (via)

Vintage filmstrip – Soviet cartoon “Sadko” (1963)
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“House on the Orbit” (1987) – Soviet illustrated filmstrip about life on the orbital station