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The “Ghost Disease” Haunting DPRK’s Nuclear Te…


In December 2017, NBC News published a story titled “North Korean defectors say nuclear tests have ravaged their health.” The article begins with a sensational headline and ominous descriptions of a “ghost disease” haunting residents of DPRK’s former nuclear test site at Punggye-ri. However, near the end of the article, NBC News buries scientists’ caveats: there is a “total lack of data” supporting the allegations about the ghost disease. In addition, NBC’s defectors’ radiation tests are completely clean, and no radiation leaks have been detected near Punggye-ri.

In addition to the lack of scientific data to support the defectors’ claims about radiation sickness, the defectors’ descriptions of life in DPRK are patently absurd.

The two defectors quoted in the piece — Lee Jeong Hwa and Rhee Yeong Sil — claim they were unaware of the nuclear tests that occurred while they still lived in DPRK. However, DPRK state media reported the tests as soon as they happened, as proven by the following screencaps from DPRK’s own 2006 & 2009 news reports, which correspond to the time the defectors lived in DPRK. As well, it’s completely implausible that the defectors would have been able to ignore seismic activity that occurred due to the tests.

The defector Rhee tells a bizarre story of her involvement in trying to determine the gender of her supposed neighbors’ supposedly “deformed” child. It’s ridiculous to think that DPRK citizens would invite neighbors, rather than trained medical professionals, to participate in deliberations regarding a child’s gender in any case. This description of DPRK life is a projection of Western beliefs that DPRK citizens resemble tribal, cave-dwelling people rather than modern socialists.

Lee and Rhee, speaking under their own names, claim that their family members in DPRK talk to them via smuggled Chinese cell phones. This contradicts other sensational defector tales that depict the use of Chinese cell phones as a crime worthy of death in DPRK. Although I highly doubt that any DPRK citizen has ever received a death penalty for using a Chinese cell phone, it’s worth noting the shoddiness of NBC News’s anti-DPRK propaganda, which blatantly contradicts other outlets’ anti-DPRK propaganda.

The head of SAND (South and North Development), Choi Kyung-hee, provided the defectors Lee and Rhee to NBC News. Choi has a record of boosting fabricated propaganda related to DPRK’s nuclear test site, including the baseless DPRK “tunnel collapse” story from a US puppet publication in Japan.

The author of the NBC News “ghost disease” piece, Bruce Harrison, refused to answer questions about whether he, NBC News or SAND provided compensation to defectors Lee and Rhee for their sensational testimony.

Meanwhile, the “ghost disease” myth has spread throughout imperial media, based on nothing but the easily disproved lies of two likely paid actors. Notably, most of the subsequent stories removed scientists’ caveats about the lack of data supporting the defectors’ allegations.

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Who Drew The 38th Parallel Demarcation Line?





US Proposes N. Korea Ship 50% of Warheads to U…

US Proposes N. Korea Ship 50% of Warheads to UK:


Report: The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute in Sweden
estimates that North Korea owns as many as 20 nuclear warheads.

It’s confirmed that the U.S. government has proposed that Pyongyang
receive assistance from the UK in the process of dismantling its nuclear

According to a diplomatic source, a U.S. State Department official who
recently visited South Korea said that a proposal was made to North
Korea on transferring 50 percent of its nuclear warheads to the UK.

Britain remains a nuclear power but its arsenal has been reduced by half
since the late 1970s during the height of the Cold War, as a result,
the U.K. has expertise in the field of nuclear dismantlement.

The proposal came after U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo requested
British technical support for North Korea in this area during talks with
then Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson in June.

But shipping out half of its warheads is not the first step the North
has been asked to take. A U.S. State Department official reportedly said
that before transferring any warheads, the North needs to submit a list
of its nuclear weapons to the U.S.

Somehow the u.$. still believes it has any legitimacy for ‘proposing’ (so far they haven’t proposed anything, they have only demanded) a deal without making any concessions. How does the u.$. administration expect to be taken as a trustworthy serious political entity when they actively walk back on agreements, impose sanctions tyranny on countries that don’t comply with their interests, and haven’t ceased their constant attacks on the DPRK.

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Juche 47 (1958) October 25th: In Pyongyang Station Chinese soldiers who fought under the Peoples Volunteer Army during the Great Fatherland Liberation War express their farewells to President Kim Ilsung and the Korean people

  • from left to right:
    Choe Yong-gon, Yang Yong, Kim Il-sung, and
    Wang Ping.

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Juche 45

(1956) June 10th: President Kim Ilsung meets with a group of young Korean pioneers in Dresden (German Democratic Republic)

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Juche 36 (1947) May: A patient arriving by oxcart at a soviet hospital in Nampo (South Pyongan Province)

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Juche 38 (1949)
March 1st: DPRKs delegation to the fifth session of the Supreme Soviet of the U.S.S.R (Moscow), led by President Kim Ilsung

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Juche 36 (1947) May: Demonstration in Pyongyang, held on the day when the returns of the elections to the peoples committees were published