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A sneak peek at the new pins I’m listing in the shop today 💫

20% off in SovietPostcards

Reminder that if you want to get your order in time for Christmas it’s best to order in November! Mail from Russia takes 3-4 weeks, and sometimes longer in busy holiday season.

Huge wall hanging with the Soviet anthem and state emblem (1970s)

I added 22 Soviet children’s books to my shop today, check them out on Etsy!


I have 7 flags of Soviet republics: Armenia, Azerbaijan (2x), Byelorussia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia. They’re vintage from the 80s. Find more info (size, condition) + buy here.

This month Russian Post introduced a new issue of definitive stamps! I’m so happy, I was getting really tired of the old stamps. They’re quite large, oddly shaped and have been in circulation since 2009. The new ones are designed after stamps of the Russian Empire, and are really pretty in my opinion.

I got some new stamps today at my local post office, and I’m excited to start using them on my mail!

I went to a moving sale yesterday, they mostly had fiction books (TONS of books), but very unexpectedly they also had three boxes of vintage Christmas ornaments, and I just had to get them!

I’ve been researching best ways to ship fragile glass ornaments, and I think I’ve got it. These will be up in the shop very soon!

These all sold while I was away! I’m packing them up right now xx