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Today’s pin haul! Some are old pins restocked, some are entirely new to my shop. 

Weekend flash sale starts now! Go through this link↓ or apply code TMWKND in your cart

New pins ❤

Some are back in stock (now listed), others will come up tomorrow.

My inner perfectionist was very pleased to mail these two together today

Look what I have! The iconic rainbow Soyuz Apollo pin is now a postcard! I have a bunch of these to share and will add them for free to any Etsy order in my shop. If you want one of these, add ‘RAINBOW’ to the Message to Seller text field in your cart before placing order.

(First come first serve.)

Vintage Soviet cufflinks with Youth Festival symbol (rainbow flower)

I really stocked up on these small atlas books, haven’t I? 🙂 Two of these are sold, three others are available (I’ll try to list them tonight). They’re the same map books only with different color covers.

50 new diafilms listed in the shop! I put together little collages to represent each film. There were a couple that I couldn’t find at all in the entirety of the Internet, so they’re going to be ~mystery rolls~. I did try to find someone to scan the film, but I only found this guy who asked to cut the film in shorter strips so he could scan it. Well, thanks but no thanks. Mystery rolls it is!

» Go see all available filmstrips in my Etsy shop

My latest stock of Soviet Pioneer pins sold out rather quickly, but luckily I was able to locate a good lot of NOS pins! It’s not often that I find these in such good condition and in such quantity, too! I’m all prepared for potential young pioneers of the world! 😄

(Available here)

Hey guys! We had a local Postcrossing meetup today and I got some nice space goodies there thanks to a lovely lady who sourced them in a city 4 hours away from us (Saransk). I have some spares that I thought I’d share here since the Belka & Strelka postcards were such a big hit.

I have one Yury Gagarin postcard with a space-themed faux postmark on the back, two illustrated space-themed cards with real pictorial postmarks, and six postal cards with various space-themed postmarks.

I will add these all to the next 9 Etsy orders. 🙂 Yury Gagarin will go to the first order that comes in after I post this, illustrated cards to the next two orders, postal cards to the next six.

I love these and I’m quite happy to be able to share them with the world rather than just hoard. 😅