Category: food packaging

Processed cheese for every taste. Vintage Russian poster (1966)

“Walnut Jam”, Soviet poster (1950)

Soda and liquor labels from Estonia (1960s-80s)

Vintage ads. “Buy frozen green peas,” Soviet poster from 1949.

Vintage ads. Iris candy (similar to toffee), poster from 1938.

Can anyone translate? Is it Azerbaijani? Kazakh? Tatar?

“Tea is a healthy drink”, Soviet poster (1950s)

Vintage ads. Chocolate truffles made by Red October factory (1939) (via)

Vintage ads. Cooking oil and mustards by GlavRasZhirMaslo (1939) (via)

“Organic Georgian tea. Sold in all grocery stores.” Soviet advertising poster (1950s)

Vintage ads. Cereals, coffee, cocoa, flour by the Mikoyan Moscow Food Factory (1939) (via)