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“Dacha Morning” by Nikolai Zhukov (1956)

Hatchery in Yuzhno-Sakahlinsk, photo by Semyon Fridlyand (1950s)

“Do the morning excersize!” Illustration by Viktor Chizhikov (1981)


Rule #5 for pupils. Be clean, combed and tidily dressed at school.

In the morning, after getting up:
clean clothes and footwear, wash hands and face, wash above the waist, rinse mouth, comb hair.

At night, before bed:
wash hands, ears, and neck, brush teeth, wash feet.

Once a week:
go to sauna, change underwear.

(Vintage Soviet poster by V. Grevsky and L. Nimen, 1944)

Vintage ads. White-Snow Tooth Powder. Poster by S. Sakharov and K. Kuzginov (USSR 1949)

Vintage ads. Toothpastes Dentin and Sanit by TeJe (USSR, 1937)

Good morning! It’s a sunny one for us, I feel very energetic. 🙂

Illustration by T. Kolyusheva (1964)

Photo by Vsevolod Tarasevich







For those learning Russian

Let’s have some fun! Grab a piece of paper and write Советские открытки in your best Russian cursive! Then take a picture of it and post in your tumblr tagging me @sovietpostcards and #sprussiancursive. Maybe also write where you’re from and how long you’ve been learning Russian.

I’m really curious to see your cursives!

Here’s mine:


(For those not learning Russian, it actually means Soviet postcards)

(And obviously I’m a native, that’s why mine is so good)


American, have been learning Russian for three years.

This is amazing! Great work! (On a side note, I think my bedspread is the same fabric only in beige.)

American also) I’ve been studying for three years as well

Great job, @strohller27! I swear I know Russians whose actual handwriting is like yours.

PS: I see what you did with the smiley))

@sovietpostcards I don’t think I have a best cursive in any language lol, but enjoy (not that I am currently learning Russian but I did 8 years ago when I started my degree!)

Oh, this is really pretty! What kind of degree do you have if I may ask?